Accessing Database Information
Accommodation Loan
Accounting Manual
and Updates
Accounting Manual FAQ
Compensation Policy
Document Retention and Destruction Policy
Fund Overdraft Policy
Gift-In-Kind Acceptance
Joint Venture Policy
Travel Loan Policy
Whistleblower Policy
KSUF-1 Contribution Transmittal Form
KSUF-2 Gift-In-Kind Form
KSUF-3 Benefits Received Form (Quid pro quo)
KSUF-4 Non-Contribution Deposit Form
KSUF-5 Disbursement Request Form
KSUF-6 Travel/Entertainment or Other Expenses
Accounting Example Forms
Electronic Disbursement Request Submittal Form
KSUF-7 (form in development)
KSUF-8 Fund Transfer Request Form
KSUF-9 Sponsored Project Certification
Fund Signature Authorization Change Request
Request To Modify A Fund
Request To Open A Fund
Development Policies
Approval of Fundraising Projects
Clearance Policy
Naming Policy
Principal Gifts
Prospect Management Guidelines
Accounting Manual Training Materials:
Accounting Manual Training
Electronic Disbursement Request Submittal Instructions

External Communications Worksheet
FIN Access Registration Form
FIN Campus Users Guide
Scholarship Confirmation Form

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